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Skylanders Swap Force – CEO Announces 56 New Skylanders, New Portal

Exclusive interview with Guha Bala, Studio Head Skylanders Swap Force. Activision unveil Skylanders: Swap Force in New York event. The new Skylanders console game introduces a new toy with a swappable torsos, more returning and light-core Skylanders and some new characters. Plus, they finally work out how to jump.

16 Swap Force
– Magna Charge: Tech Character can pick up destructible objects (like the Giants) and enemies as well as Gatling Gun and a speed wheel.
– Wash Buckler: Water Octopus Pirate with Cutlass and Bubble-gun to encase enemies. Tentical attacks on the base.
– Blast Zone: Fire Character with rocket boots to move and attack as well as other fire missile attacks.

Nine Swap Force combinations possible with above three figures: Magna Charge, Magna Buckler, Magna Zone, Wash Charge, Wash Buckler, Wash Zone, Blast Charge, Blast Zone, Blast Buckler, Blast Zone

8 New Lightcore

16 Series 3 Returning from Giants and Spyro’s Adventure
– Eruptor
– Stealth Elf

16 new core Skylanders
– Rollerbrawl: Undead character, roller derby girl. Claw attack and skate around and headbutt or attack with her roller blades and clothesline attack.
– Countdown: Fire character, Rocket arms, throw is head as a bomb.

There will also be new items and location pieces for Swap Force.

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