Animal Crossing New Leaf – Day 6 – Leif’s Gardening Shop & Tortimer’s Island

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“Leif’s Gardening Shop Opens: At the beginning of this clip, StarCity’s mayor, Leo, meets the previous mayor, Tortimer the Turtle. Tortimer tells Leo about a wonderful island where it is summer all the time… and this island resort will be available to visit from tomorrow! Check back soon to see our next episode in which we will visit the island.
In other news, Leif’s gardening shop is now open, for all gardening supplies such as flowers, saplings, and tools. Mayor Leo can’t resist buying an axe and chopping a tree down!
Leo visits Re-Tail and wonders why Reese’s husband is asleep in the corner. What job does he have that makes him so tired, and will he ever wake up? A New Leaf mystery!
We chat about how long it could take to complete the game, and then Leo heads off for a day’s work in StarCity.”
The Clarke family play through Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS, drawing on their extensive time spent with the Gamecube and DS games.

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