Kids Invade E3 & Meet Mario, Zelda and Pokemon Creators - YouTube thumbnail

Kids Invade E3 & Meet Mario, Zelda and Pokemon Creators

We had a sneak peek into the Kid’s Corner fun at E3. This video-game expo is usually reserved from journalists and retailers over 18. But this year at E3 Nintendo held some special activities for a select bunch of kids who got to play the new games and meet Mr Miyamoto & Mr Ishihara.

After the event Reggie Fils-Aimé, President of Nintendo of America, explained the thinking behind this Kid’s Corner initiative at E3 this year. “It was a fabulous opportunity for kids to experience the magic that is Nintendo. Kids are so important to Nintendo, they make up such a large piece of our user base. But typically an event like E3 doesn’t talk to kids.”

Would you like to get in on the E3 action next year?

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