Mario Kart 8 (Round 4 of 4) – The FINAL! & Winner Trophies - YouTube thumbnail

Mario Kart 8 (Round 4 of 4) – The FINAL! & Winner Trophies

Nintendo supported this content including access to the game and provision of trophies.

The finals with the Hunts, Jones and Sharp families racing to win the big trophies. Racing on Toad Harbour. The twins Milo and Jarvis from the Jones family go head to head with Ethan from the Hunts and Ben from the Sharps.

Ben (Racing as Mario top left), Jarvis (Racing as Larry bottom left), Milo (Racing as Shy Guy top right) and Ethan (Racing as Toad bottom right) each put up a strong fight, but in the end Ethan came through to prove is karting smarts. He was closely followed by Ben and Milo.

If you want to claim your place in the next season of Family Gamer TV Mario Kart Competitions drop a comment on the video above.

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