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PJ Masks Romeo Grabs Fire Station Dinosaur Trap

Just Play sent us the new PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab playset to test. We also got some LEGO and LEGO iPhone apps. In this next of our PJ Masks episodes Romeo uses his PJ Masks Lab Grab to steal an iPhone X and then makes a PJ Masks LEGO Fire Station trap.

The PJ Masks have to use the LEGO Fire Engine to put out the fire, but then Romeo brings in his Dinosaur to set the whole place on fire. Will Catboy, Owlette and Gekko save the day?

Here’s all the details of the toy.

PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset

Romeo is ready to rule the night with the Romeo’s Lab Playset! Romeo’s lab has real rolling wheels and opens to reveal a secret lair with two levels of play!

The playset features a light and sound control panel, working crane, laser launcher, and rolling lab charger! Romeo can use the control panel to plot his mad-scientist schemes and then blast (or launch) his laser launcher when the PJ Masks come to stop him! Look out for the kid-powered crane, Romeo is trying to capture PJ Masks vehicles! (Vehicles sold separately).

The playset also comes with one Romeo figure, one Romeo’s Robot figure and three bonus tools! When it’s time to move on to the next villainous adventure, kids can transform the playset into Romeo’s mobile lab and take the mischief on the go! Full set includes: one Romeo’s Lab playset, one 3” Romeo figure, one Romeo’s Robot figure, one lab charger, one laser launcher, one laser, one working crane, one light and sound control panel and three tools.

Ages 3+, SRP $39.99; Available Summer 2018

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