Anki Supertrucks & Big-Rigs Interview

Anki Supertrucks & Big-Rigs Interview

We talk to Tommy Liu from Anki about its new Supertruck Big-Rig expansion for Anki Overdrive.

He confirms that you can race two trucks in all the game modes, and also that the trucks are more powerful to be able to pull their trailers.

“We changed the motors and added a second gear reduction for more torque so it would feel like a truck.”

“There’s a lot of work that went into modelling the truck and how it handles on the track. We had to change our AI path-finding so it could plan the best place to use the truck weapons.”

“The user interface detects if you have a truck connected. The Takeover mode will be greyed out unless you have a truck. We also customised the screens so you can see more easily which car you are driving.”

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