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Mincraft Mod Showcase – Blokkit Mod

Add the most adorable pets ever made for Minecraft in this mod. Called Blokkits these can be crafted from raw materials, tamed and will even level up and evolve as they gain experience through killing enemies.

To use this mod to it’s fullest extent you’ll also need the Damage Indicators mod. This adds a helpful bar at the top left showing how many health points any creature has in the game. By holding right-Shift and right-clicking the mouse it will also allow you to see how much experience your Blokkit has, it’s HP and it’s current level.

When your Blokkit reaches level 5, feed it a golden apple and it will evolve into a bigger form. It’ll then reset its level and you can evolve it one more time.

Each of the current eight Blokkits has different abilities or skills. The Diamond Blokkit is tougher than the others but levels up slower, the Gold Blokkit does the opposite while the Glowstone Blokkit can light up dark places just as glowstone does.

Blokkit Mod – http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/164-forge-blokkit–living-block-mobs/

Damage Indicators Mod – http://www.minecraftings.com/damage-indicators-mod/

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