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NEW! PJ Masks 2017 Toys, Rival Racers Track, Villain Vehicles, Transforming Tower

In this PJ Masks Episode we have an exclusive look at the new PJ Masks Toys at New York Toy Fair 2017.

Rival Racers Track Playset is the biggest of the new toys with ramps and jumps and loop the loops for Cat Boy and Night Ninja.

PJ Masks Mini Vehicle Night Ninja and PJ Masks Mini Vehicle Romeo were really nice to see. The PJ Masks Rev and Go vehicles also look good but were only at an early stage.

PJ Masks Big Vehicles for Romeo’s Lab and Night Ninja’s Truck.

PJ Masks Transforming Playset not only switches each of the PJ Masks heroes between their normal and super hero identity but is the first time we have posable toy figures for Connor, Amaya and Greg.

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set adds Ninjalinos as well as pet animal characters for each of the heroes and new weapons.

PJ Masks Talking Romeo, Talking Luna Girl and Talking Night Ninja toys also bring the villains to this larger size of action figure.

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