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Disney Infinity Toy Box Family Introduction (1 of 3)

More Information: http://www.disney.com/infinity
This time last year Disney Infinity was a well kept secret at Disney Interactive as we wondered how the toy-meets-video-game genre would play out. Of course now we know all about Disney Infinity and the different franchise Play Sets it comes with (The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University) and can be purchased separately (Toy Story, Lone Ranger, Cars).
Less understood though are the Toy Box modes that come with the game and each character. I have to admit that I’ve been more than a little remiss at really investigating what’s on offer here.
In fact it wasn’t until my kids started trying their hand at the Toy Box game creation that I really took notice at just how flexible it is. Maybe it’s because you have to earn the sparks to spin for random items in the Toy Box that led to me being slow on the uptake, or my lack of time to work through the tutorials systematically — either way it seems I’m not the only dad late to the party.
Content Supported by Disney including access to the game.

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