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Anki Overdrive – Starter Kit Unboxed & Hands-On Gameplay

Our unboxing of the at the new Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. The Starter Pack will includes:
– Two highly detailed super-cars,
– 10 separate track pieces, a four-car charger,
– Two risers and a tire cleaning kit.

Expansion track packs and accessories vary between US $10.00 – $30.00 per pack. Anki OVERDRIVE is backwards compatible, allowing Anki DRIVE cars to race on the Anki OVERDRIVE modular tracks.

An additional two expansion cars and eight expansion track packs will be available for purchase allowing for nearly limitless track construction. Adding one expansion track pack like the Speed Kit or Corner Kit can expand the Starter Kit from eight possible track configurations to more than 20.

Anki OVERDRIVE is battle-racing at its best where players control physical supercars via handheld mobile devices. Each supercar is upgradable with unique virtual weapons and gadgets, and packs a 50mhz computer and camera that recognizes player-customized courses. The cars are capable of using AI to fully control themselves on the track as they use diverse strategies to fight to the finish.

The game also lets players build their own battlefields for all-out vehicular mayhem. The track pieces easily snap together via magnetic connectors allowing players to create and race on their own customised courses instantly. The modular track pieces use special ink and optics technologies to embed information that the high-tech vehicles scan 500 times per second to understand their position and steer precisely on any track configuration.


Starter Kit:

Thermo & Nuke Cars:

Launch Kit:


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