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Let’s Play Disney Infinity 2.0 New Frozen Adventure

Disney Infinity 2.0, along with it’s predecessor, are really a game of two halves. The Playsets offer a story driven experience to fans of various Disney brands, but once you’ve completed them, there’s nowhere else to go. With the Toy Box, it’s a whole different kettle of fish, with endless options to create your own content. However, it wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t share it with the world and for those of us pressed for time, it can be great fun to play around in Toy Boxes created by Disney fans from around the world.

Like all kids, mine love the recent Disney smash hit, Frozen and we’ve come across a whole host of Frozen themed Toy Boxes in Disney Infinity 2.0. There’s everything from car races to platform games, but the first one that caught our eye was a reproduction of Arendelle, the town feature in the film, that Elsa and Anna grow up in. It’s amazing the level of detail that the Toy Boxes creators go to trying to capture the magic of the film, with various locations available to visit, including Elsa’s Ice Castle. Maybe one day we’ll get an official Play Set, but until then we have wealth of Toy Boxes to explore.

Arendelle Toy Box: https://infinity.disney.com/en-gb/toybox/accc1599e1494ce0931de2deafd7f1fc

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