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How To Use Amiibo Cards in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

How you use the amiibo cards to access characters in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designers. How you get the amiibo phone to appear. How to share inventory furniture items with other players using the amiibo cards.

The amiibo cards grant access to different villagers. Each pack ($5.99) contains three cards. One of these will be a shiny rare variety for the main characters in the game. You can only access these if you have one of the special cards, whereas the other characters may appear randomly in the game as well as being accessed via their amiibo cards.

Before you can use the amiibo characters to be clients in the game you need to play through the first six or seven days. At that point the amiibo telephone will appear in the shop. Using this you can connect with new characters you have cards for as well as update your inventory based on their amiibo record.

For the New 3DS this is simply a matter of placing the amiibo card on the bottom screen when you select the required menu in the phone. For owners of the older 3DS and 3DS XL there is a NFC reader that provides this functionality. You simply install the batteries and connect it to the 3DS before accessing the amiibo phone and adding characters.

Another nice feature of the amiibo cards in Animal Crossing is the ability to share other players furniture if you don’t have it in your inventory. To do this simply visit a client on a friend’s game by tapping the amiibo card on the screen. Do this a second time and the character will remember all the furniture.

Back in your own game use the amiibo phone to update that characters record and all the remembered furniture will instantly available for your home designs.

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