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LEGO Angry Birds Playsets – Pigs Minifigures Revealed

A close up look at the hidden details in the recent image from Rovio around the upcoming Lego playsets from the Angry Birds movie.

Having previously revealed an image starring the birds in Lego style, we here get our first look at what the pigs will look like in a brick incarnation. These kids are for the upcoming movie, which itself is an animated feature not in Lego form.

The image states that “playsets” are coming in 2016, this is an unusual way to describe a Lego toy which is usually simply a “set”. It seems that this naming may indicate more action is involved in the toys.

Although unlikely it could even mean that the Lego Angry Birds will be seen in a video-game cross over product like Lego Dimensions. Previous franchises were thought unlikely, like Portal and Doctor Who, but then appeared in the new toys-to-life game.

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