Let’s Play LEGO Worlds Part 2 – Son shows dad the ropes

Let’s Play LEGO Worlds Part 2 – Son shows dad the ropes

On the surface Lego Worlds might look like just another Minecraft clone, but it’s clear that TTGames are trying to infuse their game with something a little different. While Minecraft presents itself as a blank canvas to do with as you please, Lego Worlds has a little of that personality that is so evident in all of the standard story driven adventures we all so familiar with.

While our first experience of the game seemed very limited. Second time out, in a different world, we got a very different experience. With more land to explore came more things to find, characters to encounter and enemies to fight. While the game has all the tools you might need to build your own world, perhaps the experience of exploring it is the most compelling.

Walking over a hilltop to find a Dragon, then discovering you can fly it, is quite a rush. That experience isn’t alone though as almost everything you discover in your world brings squeals of delight, both from children and adults alike. We found a lego pistol in a treasure chest in an igloo of all places, but it came in handy when we had to fight off polar bears and zombies. It’s all quite random, but so much fun.

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