Let’s Play Trap Team Academy Hub World – Brock’s Arena Battles: Pheonix Nest, Dream Quake - YouTube thumbnail

Let’s Play Trap Team Academy Hub World – Brock’s Arena Battles: Pheonix Nest, Dream Quake

In preparation for the release of Skylanders Trap Team, we decided to brush up on our skills at the Skylanders Academy, where all promising Skylanders go to learn all the everything they need to defeat Kaos and his evil minions…but wait, Kaos is at the Academy? What’s going on? Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be his usual evil self, although he doesn’t seem particularly pleased to be there. Someone should put him in the Villain Vault with all the other escaped villains. He seems to be getting off very lightly. I wonder what Eon will have to say about this.

Before we head off to Telescope Towers, it’s time to farm some more gold and gems around the back of the Academy before we call in on Persephone to pick a few choice upgrades for our Skylanders. We’ll need all our wits about us as we try to track down more Doom Raiders, so it’s a good job that Brock is on hand with selection of arena battles for us to choose from. These battles will allow us to get Snapshot and Food Fight ready for the challenge ahead as they fight off waves of enemies that have escaped from Cloudcracker Prison, all within a strict time limit.

After a long hard fight, there’s nothing a Skylander likes more than some relaxing musical entertainment. Thankfully Arbo and his bag of bones band are on hand to lay down some Skylander sized beats for you to groove to in this Guitar Hero style mini-game, prepare to rock out! With Skylands to be saved yet again, we can’t relax for too long, so it’s back to the fight and on to Telescope Towers.

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