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LEGO Minifigures Online Diary #2 – Membership, Pack Opening, Pirate Trials

In part two we take a look at the subscription model and decide to sign up for a month and see what rewards we get for paying real money in LEGO Minifigures Online. Then we take on the Pirate Trials and look to level up for our next quest on Volcano Island.

The subscription models gives you a weekly allowance of diamonds and each a minifigure bag each month. More importantly it allows you the use of the in-game chat facility where you add friends and communicate in-game.

Another feature coming soon is the ability to buy physical LEGO Minifigures that unlock their counterparts in the game. Blending that Skylanders or Disney Infinity urge to collect them all could really give Minifigures Online a push to become just as popular, especially when the iPad version launches soon.

The interface will also benefit from being touchscreen based as the big buttons and sliding Minifigure display made me want to slide my fingers across the monitor to better manipulate them.

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