All Blast Zone’s (Top & Bottom) Upgrades From Wave 1 of Skylanders Swap Force

We take a close look at Blast Zone’s top and bottom upgrades in game in Skylanders Swap Force.

Flame Breath: Wall of fire damages enemies.
Power Bombs: Increased bomb damage.
Sticky Bombs: Timed sticky bombs.
Flaming Bombs: Throw bombs through Flame Breath fire wall and they catch fire to do area effect damage.
Fired Up: Increase area of damage for Flaming Bombs.
Ring of Fire: A full circle of Flame Breath causes massive explosion attack.
Ring Blast: Ring of Fire does increased damage.
Bomb Party (Soul Gem): New armor can throw two bombs at once.

Ready for Blast Off: Rocket dash attack.
Armour Plating: Increased armor defenses.
Fuel for the Fire: Dash for longer, unlimited duration.
Heat Wave: Rocket fireball shot at end of dash.
Tempered Fire: Heat Wave power up.
Flamed: Fire aura appears after dashing to do even more damage.
Too Hot To Handle: Increased Flamed damage.
Hot Feet (Soul Gem): Fire trail behind him damages enemies.

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