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New “Minecraft Blockopedia” Details Every Block Including 1.8 Update

We look at the new Minecraft Blockpedia that details every block from the game including those in the 1.8 update.

Sarah Bates, Egmont’s Publishing Director for licensed character books, said: “Working closely with Mojang, we wanted to make sure this encyclopaedia was so much more than just an ordinary reference book, so it could truly reflect both the richness of the world and iconic visual identity of the game. Blockopedia pushes the boundaries of what we expect a book to be. It’s totally unique and we’re extremely proud to be bringing such an innovative product to market.”

“With 312 pages and featuring 112 blocks plus their variant forms, this is a truly authoritative and informative companion to Minecraft that has been meticulously designed and beautifully illustrated with bespoke Chunky renders. The high quality paper and matt cover-finish that features embossed squares to bring out the texture of the grass block give it a truly 3D feel. The book is also presented in a stylish matt black gift box, making this a very special product.”

Commenting on the book from game makers, Lydia Winters, Director of Fun at Mojang, commented “The world of Minecraft is incredibly expansive. We wanted to create something together with Egmont, that would give any Minecrafter a plethora of new knowledge about blocks. The entire game revolves around the blocks you find and create, so it made sense to dig even deeper into the information about each one. We are excited to see how the community reacts to such a new type of Minecraft book.”

Provided the finished product lives up to the marketing this will be another popular title for Egmont and families will do well to pre-order to ensure their copy for Christmas.

Blockopedia is out on the 4th December in the UK with an RRP of £30 ($48) and will follow soon after in other territories.

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