Anki Overdrive Track Challange – Win Cars / Expansions

Anki Overdrive Track Challange – Win Cars / Expansions

We’ve teamed up with Anki to challenge you to create the most imaginative track. Get creative by using other toys and games to augment your creations.

Lego bridges, Meccano jumps, paper tunnels, we want you to stretch things to the limit. All we ask is that the track scans so you can use it in a normal race.

ENTER: To enter, create an imaginative and creative Anki set-up then add a short film of it to the following public playlist:

PRIZE: With Anki, we are giving away any two expansion packs or one expansions car.

WINNER: Will be announced via @FamilyGamerTV on Twitter and with a follow up video on the FamilyGamerTV channel.

DATES: The competition starters on 22nd April and closes on 13th May.

TERMS: You must be over 14 and live in the UK or US. Full Terms and Conditions:

Video supported by Anki, including prizes and access to the product.

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