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The Sims 4 Create A Sim Traits, Attributes, Genetics

The key to enjoying The Sims games has always come down to how well the creation tools enable you to produce fun and interesting characters to play with in the main game. As with previous Sims games, EA will release the Create A Sim part of Sims 4 before its release on September 2nd.

We’ve been checking the creator out and seeing what’s new about this new version of the game.

As you can see the interface is much cleaner and the Sims you create have a higher quality look to them without sacrificing their cartoony origins. Essential for maintaining that goofy atmosphere the Sims games excel at.

The major change is the ditching of the sliders for individual features and instead gone for a more interactive approach by allowing you to manipulate body parts with the mouse by clicking and dragging. It’s a much more intuitive, deep and easy way to create different looking Sims quickly.

They’ve got more preset facial archetypes in there now as well which means you can create Sims from different parts of the world much more easily. The ability to change the physical bone structure of your Sims’ face means Far Eastern, African, Asian, Latin America characters can be created in a naturally looking way.

Aside from the physical attributes The Sims 4 is adding new emotional states to the game that will combine with traits to create new character reactions and attitudes. New traits have also been added like Bro, meaning that you can achieve ultimate Bromance with a fellow dude if that’s your kind of thing.

The Sims 4 Create A Sim demo showcases the improved visuals and new emotions pretty well and will be essential for all of us to populate our Sim world before the game releases on September 2nd.

Here’s a list of new traits and aspirations:
– Athletic
– Creativity (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Muser
– Deviance (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Dastardly
– Family (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Domestic
– Food (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Essence of Flavor
– Fortune (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Business Savvy
– Knowledge
– Love (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Alluring
– Nature (Aspiration) – Bonus Trait: Collector
– Popularity

– Active
– (new) Ambitious
– Art Lover
– Bookworm
– Bro
– Cheerful
– Childish
– Clumsy
– Creative
– Evil
– Family Oriented
– Foodie
– Geek
– Genius
– Gloomy
– Glutton
– Good
– Goofball
– Hates Children
– Hotheaded
– Insane
– Lazy
– Loner
– Loves Outdoors
– Materialistic
– Mean Spirited
– Music Lover
– Neat
– Noncommittal
– Outgoing
– Perfectionist
– Romantic
– (New) Self Assured
– (New) Snob

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