Lego Dimensions “Scooby Doo” Open World Guide #5

Lego Dimensions “Scooby Doo” Open World Guide #5

In the fourth guide to LEGO Dimensions open worlds we take a trip Scooby Doo.

In these levels we discover what is included within this extra level pack and how it sits with the main Starter Pack! With the Mystery Machine and Shaggy in tow we follow Scooby Doo around the Spooky Island from the deserted fun fair, to the haunted house!
Velma has lost her glasses, again! And we show you how we use the game portal to solve puzzles. Again we take a glance at what extra packs we might need such as the Jurassic World Team Pack to access closed off areas.

But not before we answer the biggest mystery of all! Who are Scooby doo’s parents?

We also revisit the DC Comics worlds to see the City of Atlantis that is hidden in the sea.

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