Let’s Play Beast Quest Part 7 – Epos Battle Royale

Let’s Play Beast Quest Part 7 – Epos Battle Royale

It’s time to take up arms again in our quest to find Epos, The Flame Bird. Can our Father and Son team help Tom and Ellena free her Epos from her enchantment and save Avantia? Although our initial quest in Epos’ firey volcanic realm failed to bring about a face to face meeting, our luck was in this time, but would we be up to the challenge after struggling against Sepron?

Each creature in Beast Quest is matched with it’s own environment, from the snowy lands where Nanook hides, to the sunny coastline where we found Sepron. Epos is no different and has perhaps the most impressive landscape of any we’ve encountered. The Fire Hound enemies that are dotted around the rocky lava filled landscape provide plenty of challenge, but Epos takes it to another level.

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