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Family Gamer TV New Zealand Adventure

We are off to New Zealand to test tech, games and travel. Along the way we’ll be using a variety of gadgets and games to entertain and navigate our way around New Zealand. We’ll also be using a variety of modes of transport from Air New Zealand’s new Sky Couch seats, Kiwi Rail’s panoramic carriages and of course a good old rental car.
In Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch we’ll also be visiting a variety of gaming and tech companies to see how New Zealand is becoming a key innovator in the fast advancing world of gaming and gadgets.
We’ll be using our 3DS XL’s for games and communications with the Letter Box app.
We’ll be using our iPad and iPod Touches for films and entertainment.
We’ll be using the CoPilot app to plan and route find our trip.
We’ll be visiting:
– Trigger Happy in Auckland
– Carnival Labs in Wellington
– Cerebral Fix in Christchurch
– Motim Technologies in Christchurch

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