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Angry Birds Stella: Piggy Palace Playset Telepods – Kid’s Review

After our intial look at the Angry Birds Stella gameplay, it’s time to go hands on with the supporting toys and get the family involved with unboxing and trying them out. There’s a decent selection of toys available at retailers to support Stella and all of them feature the Telepods technology that allows you to transport your characters into the game to give you a helping hand on each level.

First up we have the Piggy Palace Playset, the residence of the nefarious Bad Princess Gale. This set features a purple castle adorned with a large yellow crown and accompanied by a purple and lilac swing set for flinging your Angry Birds. In this set the target is a single pig perched precariously in the window of the castle. Both Stella (in disguise) and Gale can be used to try and knock him off as you fling them from the swing.

We’ll also take a look at the double pack featuring Poppy and Luca, which like all the Angry Birds Stella toys, come with swappable outfits, that allow you to customise their appearance. These small additions have definitely helped make the toys more fun to play with outside of the game, but the core flinging mechanic is still central to the play experience.

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