Disney Infinity Originals “Toy Box Combo” Review – First 10 Mins & All 9 Characters

While Marvel’s Superheroes might be stealing all the Disney Infinity 2.0 headlines, it won’t be long until the focus shifts to the Disney Originals characters. On November 4th, the Disney Infinty 2.0 Toy Box Combo Pack launches, which will allow old school Disney fans to dive into Disney Infinity 2.0 without the need for superpowers.

In this second character profile video we go hands on with some of the Disney Originals characters inside the Disney Treasure Hunt area of the game. This introduction to Disney Infinity 2.0 allows us to take control of Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Merida and Stitch, in a wide variety of environments that range from the sands of Agrabah to the rooftops of London.

There’s more to see outside of the Disney Treasure Hunt too, with character profile videos available for all of the Disney Originals characters. We’ll look at these too to get an idea of just what kind of abilities each of the Disney Originals have in their locker. Whether it’s Donald Duck, Maleficent or Baymax, they’re all here.

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