Skylanders Swap Force Gameplay for Magna Charge, Wash Buckler and Blast Zone

Exclusive interview with Guha Bala, Studio Head Skylanders Swap Force. He talks through the different Swap Force figures available at launch.

16 Swap Force
– Magna Charge: Tech Character can pick up destructible objects (like the Giants) and enemies as well as Gatling Gun and a speed wheel.
– Wash Buckler: Water Octopus Pirate with Cutlass and Bubble-gun to encase enemies. Tentical attacks on the base.
– Blast Zone: Fire Character with rocket boots to move and attack as well as other fire missile attacks.

Nine Swap Force combinations possible with above three figures: Magna Charge, Magna Buckler, Magna Zone, Wash Charge, Wash Buckler, Wash Zone, Blast Charge, Blast Zone, Blast Buckler, Blast Zone

8 New Lightcore

16 Series 3 Returning from Giants and Spyro’s Adventure
– Eruptor
– Stealth Elf

16 new core Skylanders
– Rollerbrawl: Undead character, roller derby girl. Claw attack and skate around and headbutt or attack with her roller blades and clothesline attack.
– Countdown: Fire character, Rocket arms, throw is head as a bomb.

There will also be new items and location pieces for Swap Force.

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