Transformers 2015 – Devastator, Generations Combiners (Menasor and Superion)

Welcome to our Transformers tour of Toy Fair 2015. We look at a range of different Generations Combiner Wars toys. Menasor is made up of six Stunicons. Superion is made up six Aerial bots. Also new combiner robots coming soon like the new 2015 Devastator ($149.99) made up of six constructicons.

We also looked at the new Transformers Robots in Disguise that scans in character stats like Angry Birds Transformers. We tried out an early level in the game and it looked very good.

We also looked at the Minicons – small ($4.99) one step changers that also combine with larger toys. Then the Battle Changers combine Lego and Transformers that convert with taking them apart.

Finally we checked out the Kre-O kits with new characters and build-able kits with Capture Pods.

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