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MekaMon – $329 Spider Battle Robots – Gameplay & Interview

We get hands on with Reach Robotics new robot MekaMon. This is a high tech robot that moves like a spider and battles like a Call of Duty robot drone.

We have a look at the Trailer as well as Gameplay footage from Reach Robotics themselves.

$329 for MekaMon Starter Pack that includes the full robot and download of the app to control the gameplay.

We look at different game modes:
– Dropzone
– Tug of War
– Last Man Standing
– Campaign
– Co-op Control
– Two Player Battle
– Four Player Battle

Mechanized Warriors
MekaMon’s robots have gone through 27 iterations over three years of development to become premium fighting machines. Features include:
– Three degrees of freedom per leg allowing a sophisticated level of movement
– Customization by physical accessories that add weapons or shields, enabling the creation of aggressive, defensive or technical specialists
– One hour of battery life per charge
– Phone camera and infrared tracking system for precision gameplay
– Lightweight form factor (2.2 pounds) to enable swift battle strikes

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