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PJ Masks Toy Detector – 60 NEW OFFICIAL TOYS FOUND

Catboy invents a new PJ Masks Toy Detector out of LEGO and goes on a Toy Hunt. Our PJ Masks Full Episodes always show the best new and official toys.

In this PJ Masks Episode can you spot all 60 of the following PJ Masks Toys:
– Rival Racers Playset
– Transformer Playset
– Transforming Playset
– Romeo’s Lab Vehicle
– Romeo’s Mini Lab Vehicle
– Night Ninja’s Bus Vehicle
– Night Ninja’s Mini Bus Vehicle
– Big Talking Luna Girl
– Big Talking Night Ninja
– Big Talking Romeo
– PJ Masks Wooden Puzzles
– PJ Masks Ride-On Toys
– PJ Masks On The Go Puzzles
– PJ Masks Guitar
– PJ Masks Banjo
– PJ Masks Piano
– PJ Masks Walkie Talkie
– PJ Masks Headphones
– PJ Masks Connor, Greg, Amaya
– PJ Masks Beach Ball
– PJ Masks Surf Board
– PJ Masks Swimming
– PJ Masks Rubber Ring

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