Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Direct Capture Game-Play 2 of 2)

We have some exclusive Batman Lego 3 game-play footage that extends what we’ve seen before.

This includes:
-Batman & Robin inside The Bat Cave
-Bat Rocket in detail
-Legion Of Doom Characters – Lex, Cheetah, Joker
-Bat Rocket splits in two (co-op)
-2D Shooter Watchtower spaceship combat
-External Watchtower, Cyborg
-Character: Martian Manhunter (also turns into big-fig version of himself)
-Character: Atom
-Character: Bat Mite
-Character: Solomon Grundy
-Character: The Flash
-Space Suit Batman & The Flash inside The Watchtower
-Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet enters The Watchtower

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