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What We Know About Miitomo – Nintendo’s First iPhone Game

We look at the upcoming Miitomo game for iPhone and Android to see what it has to offer Nintendo fans and families.

News from a recent shareholders meeting revealed that Nintendo’s first foray onto smartphones will be a social experience called Miitomo.

The app, which is referred to as “free-to-start” offers players the chance to create a Mii avatar previously only seen on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS systems.

Once players have created their Mii, the app then asks a variety of questions. These are then shared with any registered friends on the system. As ever with Nintendo there is a strong eye on safety here with the discussion highlighting the app’s family-friendly nature to create an experience that is “comfortable and secure.”

Although this may disappoint Nintendo fans hoping for a Mario experience on smartphones, setting out with a more social experience actually makes a lot of sense. This not only connects with a wider audience looking to use technology for social connection rather than pure entertainment, but also broadens Mii adoption in advance of an expected universal Nintendo account.

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