Wave 3 Skylanders Swap Force Characters Leaked on Amazon France

Here’s a tip just in on what look like Wave 3 Skylanders Swap Force listed on Amazon.fr.

Dune Bug
Whamshell (Lightcore)
Countdown (Lightcore)
Rip Tide, Whirlwind, Prism Break (Triple Pack)
Dune Bug, Cynder, Terrafin (Triple Pack)
Grimm Creeper, Thornhorn Camo, Ballista (Triple Pack)
Spy Rise (Swap Force)
Rubble Rouser (Swap Force)
Stink Bomb (Swap Force)
Cynder (Series 3)
Prism Break (Series 3)
Whirlwind (Series 3)
Adventure Pack Wind Up, Sheep Wreck Island, Platinum Sheep, Groove Machine

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