PS4 Vita Hack (1 of 4): Demo of Controlling Vita with Dual Shock

The first of a short series looking at hacking the Vita, PS4 and Dual Shock controller to create a genuine portable PlayStation 4 experience. This combines the Remote Play screen of the Vita with full Dual Shock Six Axis controls, rumble, lights and speaker.

In this video we show the Vita being controlled by the Dual Shock 4 controller and how that not only changes the feel of the game but also offers new interactions and leads to a family project of mounting the PS Vita on the Dual Shock 4 controller.

Coming soon are the follow up episodes, subscribe to FamilyGamerTV avoid missing one.

Here’s the full run down of what inspired the family to do the Vita PS4 Dual Shock project:

Here’s details on how we mounted the Vita on the Dual Shock controller:

Here’s a detailed account of how we set-up the Vita to be controlled by the Dual Shock 4:

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