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New Easter Skylanders: Eggsellent Weeruptor & Power Punch Pet-Vac

Ahead of New York Toy Fair 2015 and the possible announcement of Skylanders 5, we have some hot Skylanders news that has us hopping with excitement. Although Valentine’s is almost upon us, Easter isn’t far around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some brand new Skylanders Minis variants, Power Punch Pet-Vac and Eggsellent Weeruptor, the latter sporting a cool new Easter Egg design. Accompanying them on store shelves will also be a brand new Earth trap with an awesome looking bunny sculpt.

That’s not all the news though, later this year we’ll also start seeing a new Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack on store shelves. It’ll feature all the same content in the box as before, but the box itself will be black and white, giving kids the opportunity to customise their starter packs with Crayola Colour Alive Magic Crayons. These special crayons allow you to bring your creations to life with the Colour Alive! 4D Experience app, so make sure you download it ahead of time in preparation.

Hungry for more Skylanders news? Well we have it for you, with the announcement of a tie in with Big G cereal boxes. From February 14th in the USA, specific Big G cereal brands will contain packs of Skylanders Skystones cards. These cards will come in packs of 10, 2 of which will be ultra-powerful boss villain cards and there’ll be 4 packs to collect. We love Skylanders Skystones here at Family Gamer TV and we’re hoping to see these released globally, so that we can have a game ourselves!

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