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PS4 Vita Hack (3 of 4): Attach Vita to Dual Shock for Portable PS4

This is the third video looking at hacking the Vita, PS4 and Dual Shock controller to create a genuine portable PlayStation 4 experience. This combines the Remote Play screen of the Vita with full Dual Shock Six Axis controls.

In this video we show how to use Velcro strips to attach the Vita to a Dual Shock controller and create what is in effect a portable PlayStation 4 experience.

“All I did was rubber band a Vita onto a Dual Shock” was my daughter’s response to the thousands of tweets, comments, response videos and messages. There was even a tweet from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment:

While it was kind of true, that it was a simple idea, what I liked about this use of the PlayStation technology was her out of the box thinking. A little imagination created not only a novel new device but a new way to play PlayStation 4 games.

Keen to help and respond to those interested in our family project she suggested that we create a video to show how to use the Velcro strips to connect the two pieces of kit together without getting into a mess. Having tested the idea with rubber bands it took us a few hours of trial and error to figure out how best the connection can work — be sturdy enough but also offer a hinge to access the charging port.

The key here is to loosely tie one Velcro strip around each side of the Dual Shock 4 before adding a third longer strip around the back to pull them original two away from the buttons and D-pad. From there all you need is a bit of patience and time to slowly tighten and neaten it up.

There is a useful groove along the bottom of the Vita that slots nicely into place along the top of the Dual Shock, once you hear that click you know you have it in the right place.

Here’s our test of using the Dual Shock 4 to control a Vita game:

Here’s the full run down of what inspired the family to do the Vita PS4 Dual Shock project:

Here’s a detailed account of how we set-up the Vita to be controlled by the Dual Shock 4:

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