PS4 Vita Hack (4 of 4): Control Vita with Dual Shock 4 Set-Up

The final video in our series that shows how to set-up Dual Shock 4 and Vita Remote Play in the context of our “hack”.

Perhaps the more complex side of the set-up is accessing games via the newly configured portable unit. Your Vita and PlayStation 4 will both be tied to the same PlayStation Network account. This means that when you connect to your PlayStation 4 via Vita Remote Play the Dual Shock controller will be disconnected.

To keep both devices connected at the same time you need to log in with the Dual Shock to a second account on the PlayStation 4. You can then Remote Play via the Vita but start the game via the alternate Dual Shock 4. Again there is an issue here though as you won’t have access to your main account game saves or other PlayStation Network settings. You could get around this by switching which PlayStation Network account the Vita is tied to, but this is not a quick and easy operation.

Another possible option would be to use a Tablet or Smartphone device to access the PlayStation 4 screen via a different account. Currently, as far as I can tell, the PlayStation app on these devices is limited to the home screen and certain game’s second screen function. This second screen option is different to remote play and usually offers only secondary information in a similar way to the Wii U.

Again keen to help, my daughter helped me put together this general guide video on setting up the technical side of her PlayStation 4 Vita hack:

Here’s our test of using the Dual Shock 4 to control a Vita game:

Here’s the full run down of what inspired the family to do the Vita PS4 Dual Shock project:

Here’s details on how we used Velcro strips to mount the controller on the Vita:

Here’s details on how we used Velcro strips to mount the controller on the Vita:

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