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HUGE! Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1 and Wave 2 Analysis

As we eagerly await the October launch of Skylanders Trap Team, more and more information is starting to surface that gives us a good picture of what Wave 1 and Wave 2 of Trap Team will look like. We now have retail images of some of the figures to compliment the packaging we got a look at during Gamescom.

Pulling information from various sources online, we now believe Wave 1 & Wave 2 will be as follows:

Trap Masters:
Snap Shot/Dark Snap Shot
Wildfire/Dark Wildfire
Krypt King/Nitro Krypt King
Jawbreaker/Legendary Jawbreaker

Core Skylanders:
Funny Bone
Sure Shot Shroom Boom (Series 2)
Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Series 4)
Nightmare Express/Legendary Nightmare Express

Trap Masters:
Head Rush
Lob Star

Core Skylanders:
Fist Bump
Tread Head
Hog Wild Fryno (Series 2)
Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (Series 3)
Full Blast Jet Vac (Series 3)
Mirror of Mystery

Mini Pack 1: Spry and Mini Jini
Mini Pack 2: Hijinx and Eye Small
Mini Pack 3: Bop and Terrabite
Mini Pack 4: Drobit and Trigger Snappy
Buddy Pack: Tidal Wave Gill Grunt and Gill Runt

In this video we’ll look in detail at a number of these characters, including Legendary Jawbreaker, Nitro Krypt King, Lob Star, Tread Head and Fist Bump, plus the Legendary Nightmare Express and our first look at another adventure pack, The Mirror Of Mystery. We’ve also got some better quality images of the character poster for you too, featuring Rocky Roll, Cobra Cadabra, Thunderbolt, Enigma, Echo, Short Cut, Fling Kong, Blastermind and one of the latest villains to be revealed The Golden Queen!

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