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Minecraft PlayStation Edition – PS3 / PS4 / Vita Hardware and Minecraft

Minecraft updates are like buses. You wait for ages with nothing happening and then three come along at once — well two at least. This week sees not only a big update for Minecraft Pocket 0.8.0 but also the launch of Minecraft on the PlayStation 3. Plenty to keep block building brains and fingers of all ages happy over the festive break.

On the PlayStation 3 we have the launch of Minecraft for the first time. Originally it had been mooted as a launch PS4 title although that is still in the works. Seeing the game on PlayStation 3 not only offers the excellent split screen multi-player mode but also makes possible some cross-play and remote-play with the Vita.

No firm news has been announced about this as yet, although it seems likely that a natural way to take the PlayStation 4 version will be to include this kind of remote support. If it does this will be an enticing way for Minecraft fans to play the full console version of the game on the go and offer a more fully feature version than is available via Minecraft Pocket (even with today’s 0.8.0 update).

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