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Let’s Play Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire – Demo Levels

Arriving in the eShop on October 21st is the demo for the remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation Pokemon title that originally launched on the GameBoy Advance. Rebranded and revamped as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the game now looks more akin to last years Pokemon X & Y. The fresh lick of paint is more than welcome and it’ll be interesting to see just what other differences there might be between this version and the original.

In this video, we’ll walk you through the demo, which has a story that lasts about 30 minutes. There’s a little room to explore, but not too much. Here you’ll get to see us pick our starter Pokemon from a choice of Combusken (Grass-type), Grovyle (Fire-type) and Marshtomp (Water-type), before taking part in our first single and doubles battles. Along the way we’ll go hunting for a mysterious mega-evolving Pokemon to add to our collection and find out what our own starter Pokemon looks like in his own Mega Evolution.

If you can’t wait until October 21st, head down to your local GAME retail store and download the demo by connecting to their local NintendoZone hotspot. The full game will be available from November 28th worldwide.

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