Anki Overdrive “Balance Cars” Race on Tree-Top-Track (Ground Shock vs. Guardian)

Anki Overdrive “Balance Cars” Race on Tree-Top-Track (Ground Shock vs. Guardian)

Along with a new track for you today we are testing the One Shot Kill feature from Anki Overdrive 1.3.0.

Modifiers will help gamers battle-race in their own exciting way. Activated while in Open Play mode, users can choose from one of two modifiers including “Balance Cars” and “One Shot.” In triggering Balance Cars, all upgrades will be removed from each commander, setting the stage for the ultimate true test of skill as players level the playing field. With the One Shot modifier enabled, players can keep the intensity at an all-time high as each commander is equipped with a golden gun where one well-aimed shot will disable their opponent’s vehicle.

We stretch our creative track building skills with this ancient Apple Tree inspired Anki track. It starts in the garden on the ground but soon loops up into the branches of an apple tree.

It was really touch threading the flat track surface round the trunk and branches of the tree and ensure that the cars could still drive it, but the effort was worth it. We had hours of fun racing on this.

At the end of the month we’ll be challenging you to create your own tracks. These track can be any design and use any cars, craft, toys and tech. The only stipulation is they must fully scan in your video to prove they are use-able in real races not just demo mode.

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