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Let’s Cross-Play Invizimals Vita & PS3 Battles

Unedited let’s play of Invizimals cross-play PS3-Vita feature. See how me and the kids get on in the battle arenas.

More Information: http://invizimals.eu.playstation.com/en_GB/home

Invizimals has always been a game that my kids have liked the idea of but not really clicked with. Now however with the Invizimals The Alliance on Vita and Invizimals Lost Kingdoms on PlayStation 3 the franchise has really got their attention.

It takes a while for all the pieces to click together here. Not only is there a cross-play, cross-controller battle mode between Vita and PS3 but there is also a cartoon coming to the UK soon as well as a line of toys and collectable Pannini stickers.

Over on the Vita the experience is extended beyond the camera controlled augmented reality, to make use of the new handheld’s processing power to better detect surfaces as well as the microphone and both touch screens.

Testing out the two games, as well as seeing the cartoons and the toys at a recent launch event for the game it was interesting to see how uncomplicated the offering felt. These are parts that fit together well because they have been designed that way from the ground up.

It all clicked for me when I saw my son pause the TV show and pull out his Vita at the event to scan the QR code which then granted him access to the on-screen character in his game once he was done watching TV.

Then later on while exploring outside he seemed to find it equally natural to pull out his Vita and scan a particular part of greenery to capture another hard to find Invizimal he had been searching for.
With both Invizimals games launching on 28th March I am looking forward to seeing how their wider friends and family take to the experience and how quickly it reaches that critical mass of becoming the characters of choice for imaginary playground games before school.

Official blurb: ”
– Find the Invizimals hidden in the real world using your PlayStation Vita.
– Collect all 150 Invizimals and boost their abilities through evolution.
– Help to defeat the Invizimals evil enemy and build their village.

Invizimals: The Alliance Product Details
Tiny and mysterious, the Invizimals live all around us but only your PS Vita can see them.

In this exciting new PS Vita game, players will have to guide the Invizimals to a new safe-haven following the arrival of a dangerous new enemy.

Using the intuitive controls of the PS Vita, players will have to help the Invizimals construct a new village and defeat their evil new foe. As well as being able to utilise the PS Vita features such as the touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensor and the rear camera, Invizimals™: The Alliance also features state of the art augmented reality technology that is used to hunt and capture the Invizimals.

Complete with new capture minigames, Invizimals™: The Alliance delivers a magical experience like no other and with the ability to evolve your Invizimals to boost their capabilities and build a collection of 150 of the unique creatures that you hunt, capture and battle on your PS Vita there really is no end to the fun!”

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