LEGO City 2015 Sets – Demolition, Swamp Police, Space Port, Transport, Sea (New York Toy Fair)

We have a close up hands-on tour of the new Lego City sets at Toy Fair 2015.

LEGO City puts a build-and-play spotlight on real-life heroes, packed with detailed models, exciting missions and humorous characters. Thirty new sets cater to a variety of interests, anchored by five new sub-themes: Demolition, Swamp Police, Space Port, Town Transport and Sea Exploration. Sets range from $6.99 to $189.99.

City Square (60097) – 14 minifigures, a coffee shop, Lego store with PAB wall, Truck, Garage, Tram, Hot Dog Cart and a Police Station.

City Space:
– Space Starter Set (60077)
– Utility Shuttle (60078)
– Training Jet Transporter (60079)
– Spaceport (60080)

City Deep Sea Explorers:
– Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090)
– Underwater Starter Set (60091)
– Deep Sea Submarine (60092)
– Deep Sea Helicopter (60093)
– Deep Sea Exploration Vehicle (60095)

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