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Updated! Angry Birds Stella – App and Toys

Fans of Angry Birds Stella will be thrilled to have seen the app received a huge update in the last week, completely revamping the game and the experience. With such a big update, it seemed only right that we dipped back into the game and took a look at all the new content and see how it changes the experience. All new in this version are:

Revamped Map – You now get a birds eye view of Golden Island with access to new special event levels.

Choose Your Lineup – Rather than being restricted to using a specific sequence of birds per level. Each level now presents you with an ever changing list of three that you can pick for each fling.

Random Levels – Akin to other Angry Birds titles, like Angry Birds Transformers, the new level map is continuously updated with new randomly generated levels for you to play.

Themed Levels – Around special holidays you’ll now be able to play special themed levels. Right now there are Christmas themed levels to play.

Wheel of Fortune – Completing each level allows you a spin on the wheel of fortune to collect coins or acquire sought after collectables to complete missions.

The telepods are still a big feature of Angry Birds Stella, allowing you to bring your physical toys to life in the game, as well as being a great physical toy to play with in their own right. The new Wheel Of Fortune also extends the usefulness of your collection.

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