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My Monopoly – iPad App Hands On

We take a close look at My Monopoly. This is a game that can be customised for a family gift or special occasion.

You simply use the tablet app to create and print your custom Monopoly pieces.

Official blurb: “These days everyone wants to be a property tycoon. And that’s hardly surprising when every other show on TV is about making millions buying and selling property. Well okay, they’re about watching a procession of over-confident dimwits ignoring the advice of experts and losing their emulsion-spattered shirts in the process. We digress.

The point being, building up a property portfolio is incredibly entertaining. And that’s precisely why the game of Monopoly is as exciting now as it was when it first hit the streets over 70 years ago. But wouldn’t it be good if you could work your way round an official, made-to-order board featuring places, spaces and icons of your choice?

Your custom set is printed at the OFFICIAL Monopoly Factory
With My Monopoly you can do exactly that and more! Forget about Fenchurch Street and Marylebone Station; My Monopoly allows you to build a property empire on spaces named by you, for you. Simply send us your requirements and in a couple of weeks you’ll have your very own one-of-a-kind game, custom-made at the official Monopoly Factory.

Playing spaces can be named after real streets, pretend places, beaches you’ve visited, friends, enemies, or utterly ridiculous random objects: Dad’s Bald Patch, Sally’s Silly Giggle, The Boss’s Bad Breath Parlour; the possibilities are endless. You can even be a devil and shove any references to friends and colleagues on the cheapo spaces. Meow!”

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