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LEGO Friends 2015 Sets (New York Toy Fair)

We get hands-on with the new LEGO Friends sets at Toy Fair 2015.

– Emma’s Tourist Kiosk (41098)
– Heartlake Skate Park (41099)
– Heartlake Private Jet (41100)
– Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101)
– Pop Star Recording Studio (41103)
– Pop Star Dressing Room (41104)
– Pop Star Show Stage (41105)
– Pop Star Tour Bus (41106)
– Grocery Store (Unknown)

LEGO Friends offers realistic building paired with richly detailed elements and role play centered on the adventures of five girls who reside in Heartlake City. Twenty-one new building sets in new Vet Clinic, Tourism and Pop Star subthemes, such as Vet Ambulance, Air Balloon and Recording Studio are complemented by digital and television content that will be introduced throughout the year. Sets range from $4.99 to $59.99.

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