NEW! PJ Masks Official Backpacks, Toys, Games and Outfits – Part #1

NEW! PJ Masks Official Backpacks, Toys, Games and Outfits – Part #1

The first of our big update on PJ Masks with Olivier Dumont, the MD of eOne Family that produces the show.

We have a hands on exclusive look at pre-finalised versions of the Backpacks, Masks, Toys, Outfits and Video Games.

The backpacks feature the different PJ Masks characters, amulets, mask symbols. They also include a variety of pockets for lunch boxes, drinks bottles and sandwiches. Each of the pockets have brightly coloured zips to match the PJ Masks branding.

Additionally there are some tags and badges the underline the PJ Masks tie in with both Amulets and Totem Poles bearing the different character logos.

Olivier Dumont, MD of eOne Family, said that “PJ Masks is going extremely well… We’re working on different lines of products. Toys, role-play costumes and some bags. They will be coming out in the US in September (the toy line and other products) and then in the rest of the world in 2017 depending not he market.”

PJ Masks website update:

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