Knack 3-3 Brother’s Test Vita-PS4 Combo – Unedited Family Let’s Play #3 - YouTube thumbnail

Knack 3-3 Brother’s Test Vita-PS4 Combo – Unedited Family Let’s Play #3

Time to get dad in on the Knack action. At the same time we introduced the Vita to let the family try out Knack in Remote Play mode. This led to one of the sons playing in the next door room while the others played in the lounge.

8:14 – We talk through Remote Play on PS4 and PS3. We compare the PS4-Vita combo to the Wii U.

9:45 – We talk in detail about Cross Controller, Cross Buy and Cross Save features.

Note that this game is rated PEGI 12 and we ensured the parents were present while the younger boys played the game. They seemed to get on OK with the shooting and fighting.

We interviewed their parents, Ben and Claire, a little later and talked through some of the PlayStation 4 features like Remote Play with the Vita.

Catch the full set of unedited Knack Family Let’s Play here:

They also tried their hand at Lego Marvel, and compared the Vita-PS4 experience to their time with the PS3 game that they finished over Christmas:

You can also see another pair of brothers try out playing Knack together in our previous videos here:

Finally here’s our earlier review of the Knack:

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