Angry Birds Transformers – Bluestreak, Prowl & Energonicon Tested

Angry Birds Transformers – Bluestreak, Prowl & Energonicon Tested

With the latest update for Angry Birds Transformers patched up and ready to roll, we go on the hunt for the latest characters added to the game. Bluestreak and Prowl follow hot on the heels of Arcee and Airachnid to swell the roster of characters and bring representations of Angry Birds “The Blues” characters into the game.

The new characters, bring with them new powers and upgrades, but they’re not quite as easy to unlock as the regular roster. Squads of Autobirds and Deceptihogs must be sent on missions, some as long as 24hrs, in order to stand any chance of finding these elusive characters. Even then, without a good number of gems to guarantee your mission’s success, you may still come up empty handed.

The addition of new characters isn’t the only change to the game, with the standard three power-ups being replaced by a whole raft of new ones, that can be crafted using materials found in game. Those materials primarily come from completing missions, which again, can require you to spend a lot of gems in order to craft the rarest of the energonicon power-ups. Thankfully we have plenty on hand for our visit to the newly opened Professor Pig’s Lab. We’ll also take ourselves past Rank 200 as we upgrade a number of characters and add a few new customisations to them too.

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