Real Video-Game Advice From Real Families

We mainly cover games for families with short videos. These offer a snap shot of life from a range of different families — both experienced and new to video-games.

We also visit the people who make the games to tell their story. Even big games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity have come about because of talented artisan creators. We connect these individuals with the families who enjoy their creations.

We reviews games differently to most sites. Rather than scoring the latest titles and moving on we like to track with a game over a longer period and then assess which ages it works best for. This usual combines a family review video along with an uncut recording of the family playing the game.

Family Review:

Unedited Family Play:

We review hardware with a family’s need in mind. This often means considering robustness and battery life as well as other considerations like graphics and sound. Here’s a battery test of the 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL: