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Next ThatGameCompany Game – Interview with Jenova Chen (2 of 5)

2 of 5 – We have a four part interview with Jenova Chen, and take the opportunity to look back on their games, Flow, Flower and Journey.
Part 1 – Journey Retrospect:
Part 2 – Next Game:
Part 3 – Meaning and Violence:
Part 4 – Church of Games:
Part 5 – Xbox One Kinect:

We hear about Journey and Flower on Vita. Chen discusses the Research and Development progress towards their new game. Looking back at their previous titles Cloud, Flow, Flower and Journey leads Chen to suggest that their new title will be their first broadly commercial game. “We created connections on the Internet but can this also happen among people who know each other. It’s a natural evolution of everything we have been doing. Games that can touch people and is really designed for everybody so the whole family can play it together and that brings people closer and really moves them. It feels like the history of the studio is slowly heading towards that direction.”
“When I first joined Sony John Hyde was curating their content, said ‘You just need to make a couple of games to let your artistic ego out, then you can make games that are actually of value’. Cloud and Flower are very much egocentric about my own expression where Flow is utilitarian and Journey is actually more like a collaboration between creative voices in the team. Our next game is probably going to be something that is actually a commercial game. It is very exciting to see my own maturing and the team’s maturing and I’m curious to see what this next game could be because everyone has grown so much.”

Flower Vita footage used with kind permission of Gaming Vlog Network:

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